Analysis & Recommendations

Manuscript Review

The real reason your literary agent told you, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

And everything else you’re dying to know about your manuscript.


Analysis & Recommendations (A&R) is a service I offer to review and analyze your manuscript before offering industry-insider recommendations.

You’ll receive a thorough, written report detailing what your manuscript actually says to a cold reader, the depth of its potential in various markets, its strongest selling points, its biggest obstacles in the marketplace, and exactly how to overcome those obstacles.

Specifically, I will identify you manuscript’s “gold” and other strengths; identify any deal breakers and other weaknesses; provide an industry-standard pitch line for query letters and promotions; determine the 3 most appropriate market (BISAC) and direct-to-reader (Amazon) classifications; analyze overall potential in light of strengths, weaknesses, and market(s); recommend step-by-step “how to” corrections for marketplace obstacles.

Cost: $1500

Ready to get started?

Tell me about your project and where you are in the process. If we’re a good fit, we’ll book a 15-minute discovery call to make sure Analysis & Recommendations is right for you.

*Please do not submit unsolicited manuscripts. They will not be read, nor returned. Thank you.

Looking for Resources?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you read my entire manuscript?

No. I will likely not need to read your entire manuscript. Most literary agents and publishers will know if they want to read more based off your first few pages. I ask that you submit the first three chapters of your manuscript for my review. I’ve found that three chapters is enough material to get a feel for voice, tone, style and forward drive. If you’ve turned in your manuscript to a literary agent or publisher, I ask that you please submit the same sample chapters for review.

How long does an A&R take?

In order to give your manuscript the time and attention it deserves I request up to 6 weeks to complete a thorough Analysis & Review of your manuscript.

What happens after my Analysis & Review is completed?

Once I’ve completed your Analysis & Review, you’ll receive a thorough written report from me via email. Your A & R will detail your gold and other strengths, as well as identify any deal-breakers and other weaknesses. Your A & R will include step-by-step “how to” corrections for marketplace obstacles.

For some of my clients, an A & R is enough to get them back on the right track for editing and submissions. Other clients prefer to move forward with coaching services to complete their manuscript. How you choose to move forward is up to you.


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