About Me

I specialize in finding the gold in everything—every book, every situation, every home renovation, and even your messy stack of handwritten notes.

People are often surprised when I tell them I’m a ghostwriter—isn’t that just for celebrities? The majority of my clients are people just like you—people with incredible stories of hope, a unique perspective on an important issue, a testimony of faith, or a business they’d like to promote. They overcame their fears to create books that are changing lives. They didn’t let their lack of knowledge, skill, or time stand in their way—they chose to become an author.

When you know who your book is for, what it’s about, and why it matters—you’ll find you can’t not write your book. My job is to help you discover your own gold and turn it into a marketable, literary property.

I’m often asked how I do what I do. The simple answer is coffee, the grace of God, and a really supportive husband.

But the real magic of my secret sauce is you. YOU are the gold. It’s a privilege to help my clients develop their gold into marketable, literary properties.

Let’s work together!


When I’m not finding the gold in your story, I’m uncovering the gold (along with my husband) in our historic 1929 English Revival in Southern California.


Pero Creative Group, LLC