Bestseller Strategy Plan

Are You ready to Sell More Books?

A Bestseller Strategy Plan is the secret how-to and what-to-do to sell thousands

(rather than dozens) of books.


The Bestseller Strategy Plan is Title-specific, it provides an initial off- and online marketing plan to help you launch your author career and includes:


  • Industry pitch for distributors, wholesalers, and booksellers
  • introduction blurb for hosts and emcees
  • specific URLs for potential affiliates, fee-based promotion, power forums, consignment sales
  • topic-related blogs and publications; potential sponsors and product tie-ins
  • potential bulk-sale buyers; potential hi-volume/lo-margin booksellers; cooperative marketing campaigns
  • off- and online event possibilities; government and military sale possibilities if applicable.

Currently, this product is only available for Ghostwriting and Coaching clients.

Looking for Resources?

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