Industry Standard Book Proposal

Do I need a Book Proposal?

If you want a traditional publishing deal, then yes.

However, a book proposal can do wonders even if you plan on self-publishing.

If you’re hoping to land a traditional publishing deal, you need a Book Proposal. All nonfiction is sold by book proposals. All literary agents, scouts, and traditional publishers require them. Most marketing departments, distributors, and wholesalers want pieces of the information in them.

Your Book Proposal is like your book’s business plan; it explains the Who, What, Why, Where, and How and highlights the Urgent, Useful, and Ultra-Specific.

  • Cover Page
  • Proposal Contents
  • Overview (from the industry’s perspective)
  • Market Analysis (BISAC, etc)
  • Competition (recent bestselling/perennial)
  • Author Bio (authority and credentials)
  • Promotion (the author will: . . .)
  • Book Details (cost-factors)
  • Book Contents (annotated, chapter-by-chapter table of contents)
  • Sample Chapters (first 2-3 as an example of structure and writing).

Much of a Book Proposal’s information can be re-purposed for publicists, booking agents, marketing agents, advertisements, cooperative marketing ventures, and self-publishers who want to develop affiliations with independent supply-chain entities.

In addition to a full-service book proposal (where I write the proposal for you), I offer a book proposal coaching package for those who would prefer to do it themselves, but still want to create a stellar book proposal, and a DIY training for those who plan to self-publish but would still like the structure a book proposal offers.


Industry Standard Book Proposal

Cost: $12,000

Additional Book Proposal Offerings

Coaching: You Write the Proposal, I walk you through it


Looking for Resources?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start my book proposal before or after I start writing?

The best time to start a book proposal is before you start writing! A solid book proposal will give you the clarity you need to start writing and help guide you through the creative process.

Will You Read My Book Before Creating the Proposal?

I create the book proposal from any materials you provide me with as well as a series of interviews. If you have already written the entire manuscript, I will likely not read the entire thing, but work with you to ensure the important parts are included in the proposal.

How long does a Book Proposal take?

It industry standard book proposal can take up to 3-months. Expedited service may be available upon request for an additional charge.

What if I haven't started my book yet?

Writing a book proposal is a great way to start your book off on the right foot. A book proposal is something like a business plan for your book and will help direct and guide you through the creative writing process.

However, if you haven’t fully developed your book idea yet, I suggest you book a “Find Your Gold” Coaching Package where we work together to develop your golden idea. While I can create an Industry Standard Book Proposal for you without that, it does help to have a fully developed concept.


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