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Step 1

Develop Your Idea into Marketable, Literary Gold

Before you start writing, you need to know what you’re writing about, who you’re writing for, and why it matters. That’s the gold.

Most books that fail in the marketplace do so because the idea was poorly communicated or the marketplace was an afterthought. I help my clients create marketable, literary properties, meaning—books that can be sold.

You need to research, test, develop, and validate your idea before you start writing. This simple step alleviates the stress of trying to solve marketability issues when you should be creating content. It won’t be your best work.

Building the Foundation

With a Book Coach: We work together to develop your idea so you can start writing. After the foundation is built, you can continue with coaching or start writing on your own.

With a Ghostwriter: I use your ideas, notes, and what I’ve collected from our interviews to create a strategy plan for you and your book to shine in the marketplace.

On Your Own: I offer an online course called, BOOK GOLD in my DIY Trainings. It’s a 5-week course with self-paced video lessons and weekly group coaching calls with me where we work on your idea together. I keep classes small so you can get the feel of personalized coaching without the price tag. Join the wait list to be first in live when enrollment opens again!

Step 2

Write your marketable, literary gold onto every page in your book.

Now it’s time to start writing. If you’ve built the foundation correctly, this process can actually be fun (although it’s definitely not easy). The next question is, do you have the skills to write the book yourself, or will you need help to do it?

Writing Your Book

With a Book Coach: A book coach can help you improve your writing skills or manage all the moving parts (writing, editing, marketing, structure) of a book. A book coach is the most cost effective way to write a book. You can learn more about my Book Coaching Services here.

With a Ghostwriter: It’s estimated that some 40-60% of published books today were written with the help of a ghostwriter. People hire ghostwriters when they don’t have time to write the book themselves, don’t enjoy writing, or aren’t interested in honing their writing skills. You can learn more about my Ghostwriting Services here.

On Your Own: You want to write a book that is both literary and marketable. I created an online course called THE GOLDEN HOUR to help you do just that. It’s a 12-week writing cohort where we outline and write the first three chapters of your book together. Prerequisite Course: BOOK GOLD

During the writing process, I work with clients (ghostwriting, book coaching, DIY training) to ensure success with their book positioning, marketing, and publishing goals.

Have you started writing but would like some feedback and direction from an industry perspective? I offer a service called Analysis & Recommendations where I offer manuscript reviews. You can find more information here.

Step 3

Create a Strategy Plan to meet your goals.

My goal is to help you tell your story and share your story with others. Most authors don’t consider how they will distribute their book to their ideal reader once the book is written. They rely on the Amazon algorithm or friends. Those aren’t great strategies.

Bestseller Strategy Plan

The Bestseller Strategy Plan is like a business plan for your book. It was originally created for authors planning to self-publish, but in today’s market (publishers put less money into marketing every year) I’ve found that the Bestseller Strategy Plan is equally helpful for authors who plan to traditionally publish.

I currently only offer my Bestseller Strategy Plans to Ghostwriting, Book Coaching, and DIY Training clients. Learn more about the Bestseller Strategy Plan here.

Launch a Speaking Career

Are you interested in using your book to launch a speaking career? Do you already have opportunities to speak, but aren’t sure how to maximize your impact? You might be interested in my online course, GILDED: An Author’s Guide to Launching a Speaking Career. This course can be taken before, during or after your book is written.

Looking for Resources?

Here are a few of my favorite books on craft, creativity, and publishing. Head to my resources page for more!


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